Some married couples are adventurous – and that’s a good thing. They want to try new things with each other or simply relive once again their favorite outdoor activities. Good thing that there are a lot of various outdoor activities to choose from. Just in the category of forest recreational activities alone, there are so many options to consider already. Here are some forest activities that adventurous married couples might like to do while away from kids:


If you and your partner are up for some intensity outdoors, then paintball is the right choice. It is an outdoor activity filled with adrenaline rush moments. Paintball follows straightforward rules. Players just have to eliminate opponents by hitting them with breakable pellets or paintballs composed of dye-filled gelatin and oil. These paintball pellets are shot from a paintball marker that’s powered with compressed air or carbon dioxide.

Paintball is usually played by groups of friends or families, sometimes during organized sports competitions or tournaments. However, there are some special services and events that cater for all couples who would like to have some fun with paintball. Just keep your eyes open for news and updates, especially on social media. One great thing about paintball is that it can be a couple’s therapy session – a healthy way to let go of anger and unresolved issues.

ATV Riding

Adventurous couples might also like ATV riding. ATV is short for all-terrain vehicle. It is also called a quadricycle, four-wheeler, three-wheeler, quad bike or simply quad. It is a vehicle with low-pressure tires. An ATV is preferred in forests because of its big tires. It is even illegal to drive this in most city streets. If a couple knows how to drive motorcycles, then ATVs will just be a walk in the park for them.

The best part about ATV riding is that couples can see beautiful sceneries while riding the vehicle. ATV is designed to reach high and rocky places. Stunning never-before-seen views will surely be a delight for the couple.


Married couples who love adventure and the famous reality show “The Amazing Race” will definitely be thankful for this forest recreational activity. Orienteering is composed of sports that need navigational skills. The participants should use a compass and a map to move from one unfamiliar area to another in the shortest time possible.

Fortunately, even though this activity is kind of rare, there are actually some recreational services that offer orienteering activities to families, couples and friends. Through this activity, you and your significant other will see amazing views. Your relationship would even go stronger because of your cooperation and patience in finding the locations.

Mushroom Hunting

Young couples and kids might find this activity boring. That’s why I suggest this activity to matured couples, especially those who love cooking and eating mushrooms. Also known as mushroom foraging, mushroom picking, mushrooming or Houby hunting, mushroom hunting is simply gathering different kinds of mushrooms in the forest. Most guides encourage picking mushrooms that are edible, so the participants can eat them afterwards.

Mushroom hunting is actually popular in Europe, India, Canada, Korea, Japan and Australia and some parts in the United States. Seeing baskets filled with colorful mushrooms is exciting and rewarding. Not only that, couples would know interesting facts about mushrooms.

Adventure Park

This activity is the epitome of adventure. An adventure park contains various activities in just one location. The usual recreational activities in adventure parks are zip-lines, obstacle courses and rope climbing. Some adventure parks don’t focus on educating visitors with nature and stuff. They just aim to entertain the guests with mental and physical challenges. They also don’t require the guests to be physically fit. As long as safety precautions are followed, all is well.

If a married couple decides to bring kids in an adventure park, it is totally fine. Adventure parks are family-friendly as well. The kids will have fun, that’s for sure.

Tree Climbing

Couples would feel closer to nature with this activity. Tree climbing is a recreational activity that involves climbing and transferring from one tree to another. It is a pretty safe activity because of the equipment used such as a harness, helmet and a durable rope. Additional equipment is used for inexperienced climbers.

Here’s the amazing part: fearless climbers even take hammocks specially designed for this activity. Treeboat hammocks and Portaledges enable these climbers to spend the night above the trees, nap for a while or share a picnic with each other. That’s a very nice idea for a unique date during wedding anniversaries.

Elephant Safari

Usually, elephant safaris that are open to guests looking for recreational activities are designed to resemble the natural habitat of the elephants. You would see tropical trees everywhere, as if you’re in a genuine rainforest. Typical activities inside the elephant safari are petting, feeding and riding on the elephants. However, while looking for the perfect elephant safari online, choose a service that ensures safety of the animals. Don’t look for a location wherein the elephants are treated as if they are in a circus. Some elephant safaris just focus on giving the visitors a taste of what it’s like living with the elephants. Elephants in these safe environments just sit and walk around as if they are in their real habitat.


Also called birding, birdwatching is a relaxing and educational outdoor activity. In this activity, you would either watch the birds with or without devices such as telescopes and binoculars. Part of birdwatching is listening to different bird sounds. These sounds are also used to track the birds’ locations. Many birds can be detected easier by ear.


One of the basic forest activities, camping is still fun despite being common to adventurers. It is also a romantic activity, since you and your spouse can do star-gazing and share marshmallows near the bonfire. Just make sure to choose the safest camping spots and those with beautiful overlooking views.

Wildlife Safari

With or without the whole family, going to a wildlife safari is still one of the best outdoor recreational activities. Wildlife safaris are exciting all the way. They are usually home to hundreds of different animal species that wander freely around the place. Visitors ride a protective vehicle to see the bigger wild animals. Meanwhile, they can just walk around some exhibits showing smaller animals.

Final Thoughts

One of the ways to keep your marriage alive is by having fun and creating more exciting memories with each other. Sometimes, married couples need time away from kids to spice up the relationship once again. If you were adventurous as a young couple, you can relive it again with outdoor activities no matter how old you get together.