The world and its nations developed and were created to entice all its people to travel. Tourist attractions are strategically distributed around the world for people to choose and plan ahead for vacations.

However, there is but one continent in the world that defines the word “tour”. This continent, though the smallest of the seven, offers a lot of sites for people around the world to dream to visit. The continent that I’m introducing here is no other than Europe.

Europe has it all. It is the seat of human history, art, natural wonders, and architecture. When one gets an opportunity to tour the continent, literally, that person can already die after. The tourist attractions that ca be found all over Europe satisfies not just the eyes but also the heart and tummies. No wonder that for all the years, Euro trips remain to be the most well-planned and most desired vacation for most people because you can do things listed below and it fulfills most of everyone’s bucket list.

1. Make use of the ‘Hop-On and Hop-Off’ tours.

Definitely there is no other fastest way to get an overview of certain city other than riding a guided bus tour. This leisure bus trip will bring you to magnificent metropolis attractions without wasting your valuable time.

Moreover, aside from letting you enjoy the beautiful places, the good thing about this ride is the piece of background and information that you’ll get from the tour guides themselves.

2. Explore the history of Rome.

In glorious places like Rome, history sits all around you. With the superb sites that Rome can offer, delving deeper to the sites’ momentous impact to human civilization itself is a good way of appreciating and understanding them.

3. Rank the museums on the later part of your travel list.

Europe is truly packed up with world-class museums and galleries that are undoubtedly the best must visit places. However, behind the classic, nostalgic feel and unexplainable goose bumps that museums can offer is actually an endless and exhausting jam-packed lines of tourists.

Instead of spending your precious time waiting for your turn to get in, why don’t you use it on checking out other attractions perhaps? Unless if you are a creative type and takes pleasure in appreciating art, then you should endure the infernal lines.

4. Watch the all-time cabaret show.

Surely, most of us have watched the movie “Moulin Rouge” and grooved at the same time wit it. However, do you know that “Moulin Rouge” is actually an existing club somewhere in Paris? Yes folks, it is one of the first cabarets that emerged in the 1880’s.

Take part of the exciting and heel-kicking cabaret show. Make your Paris experience a romantic and a jazzy one!

5. Have a cup of coffee by the Eiffel Tower.

Give a twist to your coffee routine with the mesmerizing view of the remarkable Eiffel Tower.

6. Have a taste of the Italian’s wine.

Take a sip on Italy’s very own celebrated product- the wine. Guaranteed, there’s nothing like savoring a wine right where it’s created.

7. Take a canal tour in Amsterdam.

When in Amsterdam, you can do almost anything a relaxing tourist do while riding a gondola or open boats along their world famous canals. You can eat and drink while peeking through inside the houses which may have surprises for you. The whole of Amsterdam does not really care too much about personal privacy and they’re too open even to tourists.

8. Meander through the beautiful garden of Kensington.

When traveling over Europe, make sure to visit one of London’s striking green landscapes – the Kensington Gardens. The landscape comprises of stunning foliage as well as historic statues. Aside from the scenic view, Kensington Gardens is situated near the Kensington Palace, the late Princess Diana’s when she was still alive.

9. Pay a visit to the famous Trinity College.

The Trinity College is the home for the renowned 9th-century manuscript of the monks – the Book of Kells. Aside from offering pleasure to bookworms, the college campus has incredible architecture and dramatic interiors which makes it a good must-visit structure in Europe.

10. Indulge on the flavorful oyster in Croatia.

Croatia’s very own oysters have gained popularity in the region over the years for its delicate burst of flavor.

11. Watch a flamenco show in Andalusia.

Take part of the flamenco show in Andalusia. Grab some wine, sit back and enjoy the graceful performances.

12. Have a date with someone special at the Vienna Opera House.

Spend a night on the busiest, classiest, most romantic and celebrated opera house in Vienna. Definitely, you and your date will be fulfilled by the amazing show. Likewise, you’ll be amazed by the grand interior design of the theater.

13. Shop for authentic treasures in the Grand Bazaar.

If you’re opting to buy genuine materials and rare finds from traders, drop by at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The place is not just a tourist spot but also a very vivacious setting where locals gather all the time.

14. Have some thermal spa bathe in Budapest.

One of the delights that you can find in Budapest is their outdoor thermal Bath and Spa. Budapest is actually situated on a mélange of numerous thermal springs and taking a plunge on one of these thermal waters has been a part of their everyday routine.

Final Thoughts…

Vacations are not always planned and should be that way if I were to suggest. In that way, you’ll get more of your trip and most of time, you can visit more places and enjoy most of your time compared to a rigid itinerary.

Take time to put away your handy list of destinations even for just a day, be spontaneous and just simply enjoy the outdoors. Take a stroll or ride a bike around the Amsterdam, go swimming in the clear waters of Amalfi Coast, adore the beauty of Norway’s magical fjords, brave to skydive over the Swiss Alps, cross the river of Bosphorus and any other activities that you can possibly do under the sun.